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"Therapy Does Not Have To Take A Long Time"

Glaser Burkhardt, LMFT - As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - LMFT in Riverside and Moreno Valley, I have dedicated my professional practice to high quality standards in counseling.    I think it takes courage and guts to begin the counseling process as many people would rather be doing other things in their life.  As a professional Counselor/Therapist, I support each client by providing a safe environment to express themselves.  When appropriate, I will ask poignant questions to assist clients to decrease their time spent in therapy.   Like any professional (teachers, police officers, mechanics, etc), there are excellent professionals and lackluster professionals and I have dedicated my professional practice to high quality standards in counseling.

Individual Therapy  - $120 per 50 minute session

Therapy does not have to take a long time.  Sometimes it can be really tough to admit that things are going in the "wrong direction".  A lot of times, our experiences have been affected by unresolved past issues, broken promises, loss of loved ones, old habits, and/or irrational thoughts.  By participating in professional therapy, a person can gently identify the areas in life that need to be changed and be assisted to bring in effective coping skills and to make the changes needed to change the direction or experiences in one's life.

If you have noticed recent changes in any of these conditions for over a two week time frame:

  • Mood (increased anxiety, depression, or irritability)
  • Appetite (too little or too much)
  • Sleep (too little or too much)
  • Thoughts (Intruding, racing, or excessive negative thoughts, or loss of interest)
  • Ambitions (Scattered, diminished, or absent)
  • Relationship Problems

Many situations can cause these symptoms to occur

  • Grief and Loss
  • PTSD, Depression, Anxiety
  • Experiencing something traumatic and/or overwhelming (abuse, crime, combat, chronic stress, etc.)
  • Relationship changes or break up
  • Biological or physical changes

We have counseled many adults and adolescents nearly every business day for over ten years, most with success with their agreed-upon treatment goals. 

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

For people who have experienced Post traumatic Stress or anxiety-related symptoms, we have a Clinical EMDR Provider since 2005, and have witnessed symptom-reducing and long-lasting results from clients who finished the EMDR therapy.  Please contact this office for further information. 

Couples and Family Therapy - $120 per session

As Marriage & Family Therapists, we are strong advocates to keep marriage intact and to dissect the ongoing problems that, quite often, systemically, and methodically destroy relationships (i.e. Ultimatums, behaviors learned from the past relationships and/or generations, communicating passively, aggressively or passive/aggressively).

During couples counseling, we assist couples with identifying their goals in therapy, identify their needs, their hurts, and propose the means to solve the issues at hand.  We will assist the couple to becoming open to change and to guide the couple to seeing how change can occur in a small amount of time.

As individuals in marriage, some people have not had their needs met and have learned some unhealthy, ineffective, self-sabotaging, or abusive coping skills.  Also, if one's needs (Financial, Communication, Sexual, Physical, Emotional, etc.) are not met in marriage, a partner can likely build resentment and stray elsewhere to get their needs met and this is especially confronted and worked on in Couple's Therapy.  Resentment kills relationships.  Gossip undermines and corrupts the marital relationship.  These ineffective coping skills can be changed and do not have to be a death sentence to the marriage. 

Sometimes, a metaphorical "tune-up" is needed in therapy and sometimes an "overhaul" is needed.   People with successful marriages involve kindness, love, respect, a sense of belonging, being cherished, being heard, understood, and acknowledged.  We can damage our marriage with our communication skills and old "crusty" habits.  Couple's therapy can be brief (3-10 sessions), but may need more sessions depending on the issues in the relationship.

As Psychotherapists, we value marriage and we do everything possible to find what does and does not work (i.e  communication, unresolved business, past hurt, mistreatment, broken promises, etc.) to assist in the healing.

How many divorced people do you know that still have considerable "baggage"?  Whether an individual chooses to divorce or not, that individual will still have the pain from the marriage and actively participating during couple's therapy will often decrease the pain. 

If you would like to make a counseling appointment or have questions about therapy, please call #951-225-4998.